Defining and leveraging a clear strategy is essential to survive in real market
Processes and activities must be precisely designed and optimized to gain efficiency and increase profits
The organization structure as well as people interaction and communication are key factors for business success
Today, competitiveness relies on high level of automation
Certified Demand Driven Planner (CDDP)

Supply Chain 

We assess your organization supply chain, both by departments and as a whole, to improve organizational processes and structures, supplier relationship management, logistics, and inventory level.

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We develop industrialization projects, from the feasibility study to implementation and start-up phase. We optimize your resources through our own methodology - Atai Best Practices® - to achieve operational excellence.

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Quick Wins

If you need to improve your performance in a short period of time, we can adapt our consulting services to maximize the impact on your business considering the available timeframe. Contact us for further information.

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Improvement is boundless

Continuous Improvement / PDCA Cycle - Plan, Do, Check and Act


Today, organizations must be continuously monitoring their competences to keep the competitive advantage that positioned them in the market to increase the value offered to customers.

We, the consultants at ATAI, have found along our working experience many successful companies that were not able to maintain the initial degree of competitiveness. On the contrary, they were bet by competitors who either "reinterpreted the market" or innovated in their business operations. The first challenge for every firm is to design the success formula. The first mistake made by every successful firm is to think that that advantage will last forever. An organization's sustainable competitive advantage must be supported by its operations management.

Improving is a continuous process that never ends. See how we can help you to improve.