About Us

ATAI team consists of consultants who have carried out different roles in a wide variety of industries, and who have focused their careers on operations management. We help other firms to be more efficient through the competences, knowledge, and skills acquired throughout our working experience.

Our mission is to align the operations and the corporate strategy. Our projects remove waste and inefficiencies, what is directly reflected in the operational and financial metrics. Our services focus on optimizing the processes and resources as pieces of a bigger sum; not only will we design a solution to solve the issue the firm is facing but also we might implement and follow-up that solution to adapt the business model to the new market conditions.

We provide customized solutions fitted to the client's needs. We work openly by using check points to make sure that our recommendations met the initial expectations in the project. We gradually implement small actions so our clients can benefit from them in the beginning. At ATAI, we work on increasing business quality and efficiency at every level – from the products/services provided by our clients to the way their employees act at workplace.

Our vision and organization are supported by 5 values – which are the core foundations of ATAI and serve as working principles for the team:

Core values at Atai